Your Complete RPL Solution
A powerful new source of revenue for your RTO
    RPL Systems has developed an online assessment platform specifically for Recognition of Prior Learning. The platform is a Digital Education Assessment Tool that will reinvent the way RTOs offer RPL.

    The RPL systems’ assessment tool is potentially a digital disruptor in the education industry. It replaces the manual RPL processes currently used by training organisations with smart technology. The proprietary software can be used on all digital devices, utilises cloud based services, and digitises information and documentation.

    Conventional thinking has always been — you can’t make money from RPL. But thanks to RPL Systems that has all changed. The RPL Systems’ online RPL assessment platform offers RTOs the opportunity to create a new and exciting income source. Something RTOs will find hard to resist.

    In addition to the online assessment platform, RPL Systems provides a complete RPL solution. This includes the provision of validated and compliant assessment materials and processes, mapping and marking services, qualified assessors to sign-off on the RPL outcome and a digital e-portfolio for audit purposes.

    RPL Systems’ Digital Education Assessment Tool is best in class, simple to use, and affordable. The assessment platform is unique in the industry and provides RTOs with their own RPL portal accessed through their website and branded with their own name, logo, and colours. The RTO remains in control of the process and can monitor the progress of the candidate.

    So why not outsource your RPL obligations and create a brand-new income stream!

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    “At RPL Systems we have developed the complete RPL package that will not only take away the pain of delivering RPL but will create a new profit centre for the RTO. Our complete RPL package provides RTOs with their own interactive ‘online RPL assessment platform’ accessed from their own website and branded with their own name, logo and colours. The best part is we build this platform free of charge.”

    Darin Scott – CEO RPL Systems

    Our Complete RPL package has numerous benefits in addition to the new income stream:

    Allows more efficient use of resources

    Ensures compliance

    Increases student completion rates

    Is user friendly and student oriented